“I took some time out for myself and booked a massage with Anita. Her massage room was warm and the linen smelt fresh. Relaxing music was floating in the air. She is a lovely kind woman who immediately put me at ease so I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable. She talked me through the different muscle groups she was working on and I just drifted off on a cloud of relaxation…… I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel extra special for an hour.”

 -Lynne –  Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand


“Since my teens I have suffered irreparable ankle damage from playing softball and over the past 30 years have suffered with painful, swollen ankles and weakened joints. I wasted a lot of time and money on sports massage, physio and acupuncture in conjunction with pain relief products. Now in my late 40s I resolved that I would just have to live with the pain and suffering into my old age. Although I was skeptical at first and I guess out of desperation and exasperation I tried some Healing Clay Anita recommended on my ankle and the relief was both instant and unbelievable! I even use it on my arm and knee joints for relief! Thank you so much Anita for introducing me to this Healing Clay!”

– Tala – Perth, Western Australia


The atmosphere was relaxing, environment welcoming and both the facial and massage done very professionally. An awesome experience and one I need to do again just for me.

-Gail – Martinborough, Wairarapa, New Zealand


“I first started using Gardien skin care in March this year and simply I wouldn’t use anything else. Generally my face will sting a little and feel tight and desperate for moisture with other cleansers, BUT ..with the “Gardien” cleanser you feel like it only clears dirt, oils and make-up ‘off’ the skin, not stripping all remaining goodness ‘out’ of the skin; in fact it actually feels like you have given something back to your skin after a good double cleanse! And then the moisturiser and eye cream…Yum! They are like the decadent dessert after an already amazing meal…but its for your skin and so soooo healthy!!!…Its not often that you find something you can do every day that is soooo satisfying yet so very simple. I love it, I trust it, Gardien is now a part of our family. Thanks Anita xx.”

-Liz – Perth, Western Australia


I would and do recommend Anita and her Wellness Clinic to anyone who wants to feel human again, healthy again and to just love life and hold onto their being – since I have started using the clinic I have never felt better in my life WOW !! It’s just like a brand new me even my husband has commented and hey we have been married 40 years!
Bless you Anita and you to Tony for having faith and believing in your wonderful partner

-Tina – Masterton, Wairarapa


I started taking the “Flower Essence” to try and help control my emotions, before taking the drops I would get very Moody, stressed and was finding myself geting so worked up at times I would have anxiety attacks, because of this I was also having trouble sleeping. I have been taking the esence for a few Weeks now and the improvement is completely amazing, Im no longer having anxiety attacks my mood swings are completely under control, and I just generaly feel happier all round, I find im smilling alot more. This has not only made me feel better but it has helped my relationship with my partner alot as well, I would absoloutly recommend trying this to anyone it has changed my life. Thanks heaps guys

-Teena – Masterton, Wairarapa


I have been dealing with Anita in her clinic for an ongoing health issue with my two year old daughter.Not only has Anita made us feel comfortable and at ease but she has managed to understand the nature of my daughters health problem and treat it using her vast knowledge.Since seeing Anita my daughter has improved so much that she is now completely off her medication and flourishing,as a mum who has been driven to complete despair because of her health I can honestly say I am beyond grateful for her help.Not only does Anita understand the human body but she understands the human heart,and this is what makes her stand out above the rest,she puts everything into what she believes in and it shows.

-Katie – Masterton, Wairarapa


I visited Anita when I flew to New Zealand for a friends wedding. Due to the flight ( I assumed ) my face, scalp and neck was covered in a rash, not a good look for a wedding. My friend suggested that I visit Anita for a massage. I would highly recommend Anita as she instantly made me feel calm and relaxed. The massage was so good I booked in for a facial too and ended up staying for over two hours. I would also like to mention that my rash went away overnight, just in time for the wedding, thanks Anita x

-Marlene – England