No.31 Native Iris


Keyword: Individuality

Negative Condition: Lives on nerves, overbearing, inflexible, fanatical, excessive zeal, inciting unrest.

Positive Outcome: A torchbearer, able to inspire and uplift others, the activist creates change.

In nature nothing exists in isolation.  Everything is connected to everything else in a living vital relationship with the spiritual forces of a land.  The 36 flower essences in the set are part of a family or “whanau” and come under the protection of a pair of parents or Atua – the goddess Hinekura and the god Tane Wairoa.  Each  flower is seen as a divine child of the land of Aotearoa.  Each  has its own unique and individual spirit that is fully honoured and respected for its own power, ‘mana” and healing attributes. They are also protected by spiritual powers of the great  devic forces that overlight Aotearoa, New Zealand the “land of the long white cloud”.

25ml Stock oral dropper bottle

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Keynote: for people born January 20th – January 29th

Archetype: The Individualist

Use Native Iris to help one find one’s own way and sense of individuality, and to be liberated from the restriction or definition of who others think you are. Helpful for those who may have experienced any form of subtle mind control or had to conform to another’s reality.  To discover your own individuality as distinct from your role as partner, spouse, child, parent, employee etc.