Our Story


Tissue Salts General DebilityAs a Registered Nurse, I struggle with the constant bombardment of harsh chemicals, topical creams, and the mass of antidepressants that are being prescribed on weekly basis.

Some of my first questions many years ago as a student nurse were ” Why do our babies and young children/teenagers get cancer – when it is supposed to be an aged disease?” & “Why do our young get eczema yet they are born with the most perfect smooth, soft delicate skin, then we smoother them in a harsh topical lotion like hydrocortisone which ultimately thins their skin?”

These questions led me to complete a herbal diploma in 2006. After the completion of this diploma, my world was never the same. I felt like a “light bulb” had come on and things were so much clearer!

I struggle with basic practices for example when I see teenage girls putting their radioactive cell phones down into their bras for storage, next to their precious breast tissue. I always stop and explain to them what they are doing and it never ceases to amaze me how grateful they are when I have explained to them why they shouldn’t be doing that.

In the fast paced world that we live in today where healthcare is changing at an unprecedented pace we forget to stop and teach our youth and remind each other of the harm we are doing to ourselves on a daily basis. Our medical system is struggling to cope with the bombardment of illness and diseases such as cancer and the like. Our GP surgeries are struggling to cope with the enrolments and then struggling on a daily basis to deliver quality services in such small allocated time slots. The wait times are growing and it is sometimes difficult to get an appointment with you local GP. They are dedicated professionals who can only do so much with limited time and ultimately limited resources.

The natural/alternative world of medicine is now centre stage and finally recognised as a integral part of ones healthcare and couples nicely with the modern model of medicine.
With all these illnesses surrounding us, people finally understand, and are ready to absorb the natural medicine world as they see, on a daily basis, modern medicine either not working or not working as well as it should.

My decision to train as a Naturopath and build a wellness clinic was again a life changing choice, and it is such a pleasure to assist people daily to regain and maintain their health and wellness.

I’m also an internationally qualified beautician. I only use natural products in my salon. I believe your skin should not have harsh chemicals on it which ultimately get absorbed and can travel to your precious organs. Your skin should be nourished and maintained daily with top quality, natural, chemical free products. Here at Gardien_Logof2 we have produced our own skincare range which is 100% chemical free made with plants from our herbal world.

In 2012 my husband and I planted a berry farm for everyone to come and experience picking their own fresh fruit straight from the bushes. We look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones onto our farm.