Hello I’m Anita Baker and I’m the proud business owner of Gardien_Logof2 Health & Wellness Clinic. I’m a Registered Nurse and a qualified┬áNaturopath. A lot of people ask me what does a Naturopath do? I tell them that I treat people similarly to how a doctor does in that I treat people to become healthy again and help them to be able to live the life they want to. The major difference of course is that Naturopath’s use natural medicine to treat conditions and we seek out the “cause” of conditions. We don’t just treat the symptoms we treat the “cause” of the disease or ailment. An example of that is depression. Depression is not a Prozac deficiency. Headaches are not a Paracetamol deficiency. What’s causing them?. We like to find that out. That’s what Naturopaths do. That’s what we are passionate about. We find out what is causing the disease and treat the cause. The other aspect of being a Naturopath is the prevention of disease. You come to a Naturopath and we will find out the best way you can prevent illness to live a happier, healthy life.

The way I can best describe what a Naturopath does compared to what a medical practitioner may do is, it’s like when your car is misfiring, its making a terrible noise. When you go to the mechanic you want to know what is causing that noise and you want to know what is driving that problem. Now it could be using the wrong fuel in the car, it could be the method in which it is being driven. One way of treating it is to turn the radio up so you can’t hear the misfiring noise. That’s what drugs do when they mask symptoms. They suppress the symptoms, but they do not get to the cause. If I went to a mechanic I would want the mechanic to find out what is causing that noise. If you see a Naturopath a Naturopath will seek the cause of that particular illness and not just turn the radio up so you can’t hear the noise anymore.

With Naturopath’s one thing we are passionate about is fresh food. Beautifully home grown fresh food, you won’t get that sort of nutrition in a supermarket. We are passionate about being able to eat the raw food straight out of the ground, as that is how nature intended it. When you come to me as a┬áNaturopath, you will get a full clinical/ health assessment check. We can either do this over the phone/ via Skype or email if you would prefer and of course you can come and visit me in the clinic. This will take at least 1 hour. This will then be followed up with a follow-up appointment in 1 months time.

During our first session we will be able to put together a good snap shot of what is going on with your health. This may require some further investigations ie allergy tests, mineral tests and perhaps blood tests.

I look forward to being of assistance and helping you and your loved ones and pets on your journey of wellness.


Best of Health,

Anita Baker